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Right-Believing Princess Anna of Novgorod

St. Anna of Novgorod (whose name was Ingegerd until baptism) was the oldest daughter of the Swedish King St. Olaf Skötkonung, who reigned from 994-1022, and was known as a most Christian king.  In 1008, the king, his family, and his personal bodyguard all received Holy Baptism.  Ingegerd received an exceptional education for a woman […]

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The Real St. Nicholas

One of the things I hate about going shopping during the season of the Christmas rush is the music that is piped in over the mall sound system.  I would happy with traditional renderings of the old carols, but instead, my ears are assaulted with the latest auditory atrocity, celebrating Christmas as a time of […]

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St. Nektarios on the Christian Life

Christian religion is not a certain philosophic system, about which learned men, trained in metaphysical studies, argue and then either espouse or reject, according to the opinion each one has formed. It is faith, established in the souls of men, which ought to be spread to the many and be maintained in their consciousness. There […]

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Life of the Holy New Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth

by Metropolitan Anastassy Not every generation is destined to meet along its path such a blessed gift from heaven as was the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna for her time, for she was a rare combination of exalted Christian spirit, moral nobility, enlightened mind, gentle heart, and refined taste. She possessed an extremely delicate and multifaceted […]

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