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Matching Grant Met!

In late November 2019 we started our new fundraising goal in our church building project: to raise $300,000 toward the earth work on our property! This will include moving dirt, forming the hillside, putting in roads and parking, etc. To kick us off, a group of generous donors offered a $75,000 matching grant. The original […]

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Matching Grant – Almost There!

Dear faithful, Glory be to Jesus Christ! We are getting very close to meeting out goal for the matching grant, which expires on July 13! If you remember, the matching grant (of up to $75,000) was announced at our annual meeting in November last year. Since then we have raised $62,342 (which, doubled, amounts to $124,684)! […]

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Church Reopening (Phase 2)

Right now, we typically have to Liturgies every week: Saturday, 9.00 am and Sunday 9.00 am.  This may vary depending on special feasts and celebrations. We will also have weekly Vespers on Saturday night at 6.00 pm.  Observe the following: We are limited to around 40 people in any service. Therefore, in order to attend you will need to […]

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Church Reopening (Phase 1)

We will begin to open the door for people to come back to services again. However, it will be a gradual re-opening with several temporary measures that you need to be aware of and observe. They have been directed by our Archbishop but are also in compliance with the recommendations of the State of Oregon. Some will likely […]

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“Why do you wear that black cassock?”

  People have sometimes approached me and asked why Orthodox priests (as well as deacons, monks and bishops) traditionally wear black cassocks. In the earliest Church, it does not seem that clergy wore any distinctive garb, except of course liturgical vestments, which in some cases also were worn outside the Divine services. For example, sometimes […]

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A Word on Confession

In Scripture we read: “He that covers his sins shall not prosper, but whosoever confesses and forsakes them shall have mercy” (Proverbs 28:13). In the Old Testament, confession was never exclusively a private affair between God and man. Rather, we have evidence that confession was always made in the presence of others. Lamak, by confessing […]

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